Can Cooking! – Conecuh Sausage and Veggies

Easy sausage and vegetable recipe for home, camping or tailgating! This easy recipe was completed by using a CanCooker Jr.  A CanCooker cooks things fast and there is only one pot to wash when dinner is ready.  Not sure what a CanCooker is?  Check here:

Ingredients: Spray the inside of the can with a non stick spray. Place 14oz water into the bottom of the cooker. Cut up vegetables into 1 inch chunks.

Red potatoes, carrots, Vidalia onion and sausage. Top with salt, pepper and Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.

Red potatoes, carrots, Vidalia onion and sausage. Top with salt, pepper and Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.

I used: Red skin potato (skin on), carrots, Vidalia onion. Cut up one link sausage (i.e. Conecuh if you can get it) and place on top of the veggies. Salt and pepper everything in the cooker. Pour over veggies and meat: 1/2 bottle Basic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing.

Put the cooker on the heat source (stove top, camp fire, etc). Heat until liquid is boiling and steam is coming out of the vent on the cooker. Reduce to med/high heat and let steam for 30 minutes.

CanCooker! Carefully open the cooker and watch for any steam that may want to escape.

CanCooker! Carefully open the cooker and watch for any steam that may want to escape.

Toss the veggies and sausage in the liquid that remained in the cooker.

Toss the veggies and sausage in the liquid that remained in the bottom of the cooker.

After 30 minutes remove from heat, and let stand for 5 minutes. Carefully open, and beware of any steam still in the cooker. Enjoy!

Quick and easy! Less mess!

Quick and easy! Less mess!

Just think. Now you can do all the veggie chopping at home before you head out for a weekend of camping. Bag everything up and when it’s time to prepare dinner just dump everything in the CanCooker, top with the dressing, add liquid of your choice to the bottom of the cooker and cook! Enjoy!

Big Day at the Beach!

Traveling for work isn’t so bad since I haven’t had to go anywhere for about three years. This year rolled around and I ended up having to travel for work. I tried to get out of it but I just couldn’t. Last resort would be if for some reason my travel wouldn’t be approved due to lack of funding, then I’d get to stay at home. Who wouldn’t want to spend almost 2 weeks at the beach, beachfront Well I ended up traveling during June for work. It’s not bad spending the afternoons and the weekend on the beach, but the fact I’d be away on my birthday. Well I was blessed that my hubby came down with me for the first four days and we got to spend some of my birthday together. He took me to breakfast which was awesome!

Maybe next year we’ll head back to the beach for fun, and not for work. It was nice getting up early, sitting on the balcony and taking walks on the beach before work. Happy Birthday to me!


If your wondering where I stayed – I’m staying it is the Wyndham Garden in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.
Great place! I had a small kitchen with a full size fridge so I was able to shop for groceries and not have to eat out every day.


Wyndham Garden – Studio Suite – Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Water + Lye + Lard = Soap!


Sometimes I come across recipes that peek my interest. I’ve been fascinated with the home life of people who lived in our area back in the 1800’s. From their clothing, to the homes, transportation, health remedies, train schedules and their cooking habits. Last week while doing some research I came across a hard soap recipe from June 11, 1881. It’s hard to imagine making soap instead of just going to the store and picking up a few bars of the many brands available. I remember hearing stories from my mom about her grandmother making soap and the grand children helping. Usually the soap would be made outdoors after rendering lard from pork skins. After rendering the lard the pork skins and cracklings would be removed from the lard. The lard was then strained and the soap making would begin.

Hard soap recipe found in the Jacksonville Republican Newspaper (Alabama) from June 1881

Hard soap recipe found in the Jacksonville Republican Newspaper (Alabama) from June 1881

Since this recipe contains a few products that I’m still unsure of where to buy, I decided to try an alternative recipe that uses only three ingredients: lard, water and lye.

*As with any recipe that uses lye, extreme caution is advised! Directions should be followed exactly! Order of adding ingredients matter.

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Isaac Creek Campground -Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving Thursday through Sunday at Isaac Creek Campground in Franklin Alabama.  It’s located along the Alabama River and where Isaac Creek flows into the Alabama.  Reservations were easy and we could pick our spot through Reserve America.  I did a little research and found a campground map online.  I also researched some blogs to see what I could find out about the site.  I found that the sites on Isaac Creek are more private and have wooded areas between each site.  There are also docks for fishing along the creek too.  About 15 docks for 20 sites.  We arrived around 3:30pm after a 2.5 hour drive down from Montgomery Alabama.  Bring your food since this place is really remote, but Finchburg Grocery is about 8 miles away that has pretty much everything (they have bait and camper stuff too) and they open at 5am.
Site 22 From the Creek

There are 60 sites total each with electric (50 amp) and water hookups (water is soft, so if you don’t care for the taste/mouth feel bring your own water).  Sites don’t have sewer, but they do have a dual dump station close by at the park entrance.  Sites are level concrete pads, have picnic tables, lantern holders, grill and fire ring.  Sites 15-35 are premium waterfront sites, 1-6, 42-60 are standard non-waterfront sites.  There are 2 bath houses with restrooms, showers and laundry.  Showers have plenty of hot water, clean floors and are heated.  Nights dropped into the 30’s during our visit and the restrooms were a constant 60 degrees (there was a thermometer on the wall).  Sites also have large 32 gallon trashcans and someone came around on Saturday morning and emptied the trash and put a new trash bag in the can.

Park is very VERY quiet and away from any highway noise.  Boats do go up and down the creek, but it’s a no wake zone so it’s pretty quiet.  Park was full by Friday but it was still very quiet at night.  Only street lights are at the bath houses, so bring lights for making that walk to the potty.  Boy it was REAL dark!

We have Verizon cellphone service and we could only get 1X.  Occasional 3G service, but for the most part only 1X.  Our television did not pick up any channels at all so if you want to watch TV better bring your satellite service with you.

There are three play grounds, basketball court with two hoops, pavilion, large group cook out area, boat launch, fishing dock on the river and trails.  Quiet time is from 10pm to 6am.  Pets must be on a leash.  Due to the nature of the area there are no swimming areas.

We had a great time!  Our site was number 22 on the creek and had it’s own fishing dock.

Here’s a link to more pictures from Isaac Creek Campground:  More Pictures on Photobucket

I was able to take photos of 26 sites so that I could share.  If interested in seeing some of the sites before you visit Isaac Creek Campground my photos can be found here:  Specific Site Photos on Photobucket