Mission Trips are Awesome!

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be part of a church mission team that traveled from our homes in Alabama to Alajuela Costa Rica. Well we were actually quite a way from the main city of Alajuela on a farm in a very rural area. While we were there we painted a house, built 40+ shelving units for the new dorm (no pre-built stuff – all from scratch) and provided almost two weeks of free labor in what ever needed to be done. The people were awesome and I know I’ve grown a lot from having experienced helping those that need help.

Please help my friends daughter get to Haiti for her first mission trip. She’s a precious girl and this opportunity to go in June means so much to her.

Haiti Mission Trip

Someone’s Handiwork


A few months back I found two quilt tops at a local thrift store. For the pair it was less than $5 so right off I was seeing a quilting project in my future. Now to do some research and pick up the rest of the supplies. It’s time to honor a project that some ones mother, aunt, or grandmother started and finish this quilt!

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Chicken Tractor Upgrade – Motion Detection Solar Security Light


Last week I added security lighting to the coop.  It will also come in handy in I need to check on things at night.  Since the light runs of batteries there are pretty much no limits on where we move the tractor to in the yard.

The light has several (3) setting – when to come on, motion sensitivity, and how long to stay on once motion is detected.  So far it’s worked great!  Thank you Harbour Freight!

Also, we are now getting about four eggs a day!


Chicken Tractor Build Complete!


Chicken Tractor Build is done!  We started this adventure on Labor Day and worked on it pretty much on weekends and occasionally during the weeks.
Next, chickens!  No roosters though.  Stay tuned!

If you want to see more from the build I have an album of photos here: Chicken Tractor Build 2015
Are you are interested in how I came up with the design? It’s based on the Kerr Center Chicken Tractor design, but I did make several modifications along the way. http://kerrcenter.com/publication/kerr-center-chicken-tractor-1-0-description-parts-list/