Garden Magic – Cilantro to Coriander!


Dried Cilantro

Each spring the cilantro seeds that dropped from the year before sprout around my patio.  It’s been about 10 years since I actually bought and planted the original cilantro, however each year I get another crop from the seeds that dropped the previous year.  This year I decided to gather the cilantro seeds and use them in the kitchen.  Here’s how to save the magic and at the end you’ll have your own homegrown and harvested coriander herb!


Coriander Seed

Let the cilantro go to seed.  After the plants have dried, collect the stems by cutting them right above the ground.  Place the stems carefully into a paper bag so that you can shake off all the seeds (coriander).  If some of the seeds seem to still be a little green they can be dried.  Place the coriander on a shallow baking sheet, preheat the oven to it’s lowest temperature, place the baking sheet into the oven and cut off the oven.

Once completely dry after a few hours place the coriander into an air tight jar and enjoy!  They can also be vacuum sealed in bags if you plan to save them for a later date.  Enjoy!20150731_070645_zpslxpwgwoo

Raised Garden Bed #3

Raised Garden Bed #3 by PamB
Raised Garden Bed #3, a photo by PamB on Flickr.

If you remember back a few months ago we had to move one of our gardens. At the time we didn’t know it was directly over our septic tank until we started having plumbing problems. The crazy part is we thought the septic tank was farther out into the yard.

Well we’ve had enough warm days so we decided to set everything back up, but in a different place and away from the septic tank and field lines. I tried to help as much as I could but my back just wasn’t up to the task. Hubby finished moving the dirt and even attached the trellis to the end. I’m going to add a second and used these for my cucumber vines.

In other news I can finally wear my glasses almost 75% of the time. Outdoors in bright sun light is almost impossible and I haven’t driven with them either. They’ve really helped with reading and especially when reading labels. Why do manufactures make the print on the labels so small? Oh…maybe to hide all the ingredients not found in nature?

More later…time to baby my back.

Rainy Day in ‘Bama

If we ever have another drought all we need is for the government to make everyday a holiday…guaranteed to rain!

Rainy rainy Monday…

A photo posted by Pam (@pambergm) on

At least now all my rain barrels are filling back up.  They had to be drained and moved when we had the house painted.  All of the rain barrels ended up needing a good rinse too since so much gunk had settled in the bottom.
Since they are back in place I’ve been thinking of a way to cover them.  When I first made them I painted them so they wouldn’t stand out (they were blue).   This time I want to wrap them in something, something interesting and unusual but I’m not sure what as of yet… stay tuned!

Read more about the rain barrels here – Rain Barrels

It’s Been Awhile – Catch-up!

There have been a lot of things going on lately that have taken me away from the keyboard.  Ok, the keyboard at home that is since I sit behind one all day at work too.

We started having plumbing problems a couple weeks ago when I notice that there was some water in the basement.  It missed our camping supplies and the freezer but we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  So I back tracked to figure out just what I did that day.  Let’s see, washed clothes, washed dishes, and both of us took showers all around about the same time that morning.  The experiment:  do it again and see if if happens.  Yep!  Must be a clogged line from the house to the septic tank.  It sure is a good thing that we left the ceiling exposed in the storage room in the basement or we would have had septic water in the drywall!  Yuck!  Two plumbers later and nope the lines are not stopped up but the septic tank is full.  Arrg!  We really didn’t have a clue where the septic tank lived in the back yard.  No tell tell signs of green grass during long dry spells.

Well…turns out one of my raised garden beds sits right on top of it and the other is on top of the field lines!  Wow!  Now we know why the cucumbers and tomato did so well this year!!!  Now here’s the kicker.  In order to empty the septic tank we need to move the gardens or they will have to use equipment to do it and it won’t be pretty.  Fast forward to two shovels, pick, tarp, trailer and two teens who love pizza!  Since It’s only me and the hubby at home and my back can’t handle the digging (2 back surgeries) hiring some teens worked out great!

Temporary location of one of the raised beds that had to be moved.

I’m not sure where we will end up moving them but we may wait until fall and everything dries out a little more.  It was sad pulling up all my green beans, but I did get one good mess out of them in the process.

About a third of the way done. Nothing like moving heavy wet red clay!

I didn’t mention that I had to remove my very large gardenia bush that was blooming year round.  Guess we know why now!