Nostalgia for Saturday – Photo

Nostalgia for Saturday – Photo

Vintage Westclox Windup Travel Alarm – Brass and Leather Case – 1960’s

Strange how such a small inanimate object can trigger memories…

Today clocks and watches have batteries.  They require maintenance when their batteries have expired and it needs to be replaced.  Can you remember windup clocks and watches?  Do you think you would remember to wind up your clock at night when going to bed so that you don’t oversleep?  Can you hear the steady ‘tick, tick, tick’ of the alarm clock on your nightstand or from the wrist watch you just removed?  I can.  Because every so often I will get out one of my windup wrist watches and take it for a spin just to see if I can remember to wind it when needed and not over wind it as well.   On the positive side they do not require batteries and should always function when needed.  I know on several occasions I would pull out a watch to wear and notice that the battery had died at some time.  Do we even think about watches these days…or do we just look to our cellphone to check out the time?  Actually we probably look at our cellphones twice before we notice the time…I do.  Usually something else catches my eye on my phone and I forget that I was actually checking the time.  Look!  A Chicken!!


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  1. Oh, my. I think we are on a similar wavelength. When I was growing up, we had that same little clock. We called it the “vacation clock” for it was only used on family vacations. The leather case was quite worn by the time I was grown.

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