Improvise and Bee Savvy!

While we were in Savannah we walked a lot, actually we didn’t drive after getting there until the day we came home.  On Sunday we took a stroll and found this cute store that sold all types of bee products.  Lots of honey to sample as well, kind of like a wine tasting for honey.   There was also a lot of beauty products and a couple of items caught my eye and stuck with me.   I made sure to get a good look at the label on one of the hand salves.   Today deconstruction of item one began and if I had my own company I would try making more!  This stuff smelled so minty and felt so good on my hands and nails when I tried it in Savannah that I made my own today.  It seems to have been a success and I just saved $9.50 (ok..add in the tax..not sure how much, here in Alabama it would be an additional 10%).

Drum roll please….

Nanna’s Homemade Georgia Mint Hand and Nail Salve!

I didn’t have any pretty little metal tins to put it in, but it’s still 2 ounces of minty heaven.  Rub on just a little and no more dry, rough or cracking cuticles!  Maybe tonight I can put a little on my feet before going to bed!  This recipe turned out more cream colored and not as ‘green’ as the one in Savannah.  If olive oil gave theirs it’s color then they probably used a different olive oil.   Maybe it was the lighting in the store or the metal tin that the tester was in.  Nothing special was listed on the label so I’m not sure what gave theirs it’s ‘green’ color.   In the past I’ve made a few infused oils and those tend to take on the colors of the herbs.  Oooo!  I should make some with my calendula infused olive oil that I made this summer!  This might be something to add to craft items I need for next years farmers market.

Have you ever found something and deconstructed it for your own fun?