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December 15, 2012


Good Old Back Pain

by Pam

It was like I’ve been here before twice…not a feeling that I like, but now a feeling I notice earlier each time it happens. After I get home from work I have one thing that’s my little ritual… off come the work clothes and on go the pj’s. On Monday I had got home from work and was walking down the hallway heading to the bedroom…my pj’s were calling. Thats when I felt the sharp quick shooting pain in my hip.

Its enought to take your breath but at least when it happens I stopped walking and the pain stopped as well. On Monday that was the only time that it happened. Pjs went on as usual and I didn’t notice any more pains. Tuesday at work I noticed the twinges of pains as I walked, but once I stopped walking the pains stopped. Odd. The past two times this has happened the pain didn’t stop just because I wasn’t walking. By Wednesday the pains come occasionally when walking but subside after a few minutes…well that’s what I was hoping would happen. Leaving work early so that we could go to a Christmas party and the pains about knock me down walking to my car. For a moment I thought I would have to call hubby just to get me to my car. I did finally make it to my car and sitting down eased the pain greatly and I was able to drive home. We didn’t go to the Christmas party, but did go to the ER and watched the movie Jack Frost with all the others in the waiting room. Diagnosis: muscle strain. Treatment: steroid shot, Toradol shot, and two prescriptions for pain killer and muscle relaxers. By Thursday morning will no relief so I stayed home from work, flat on my back and watched tons of Netflix! Fast forward to today…feeling much better. Just to be safe I have a follow-up appointment with my neurologist on Monday.

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  1. Dec 15 2012

    Perhaps Sciatica? Hope you find relief and an accurate diagnosis soon.

    • Dec 16 2012

      I thought sciatica at first, but this seems different than what I had before by other two back surgeries. With those the pain was constant, this time it’s only when I walk. I’m hoping it was just some type of inflammation as I’m much better today. Keeping my fingers crossed!

      • Dec 16 2012

        Hoping with you.

  2. gail
    Dec 15 2012

    Same thing happened to me. Mine is bursitis. Steroid shot took care of it for now. I seriously thought my hip was giving out on me. Take care.

    • Dec 15 2012

      Thanks! I think I can deal with that better than another back surgery.

  3. Dec 16 2012

    I went through a phase of hip pain about 20 years ago – never had it investigated – so I know how debilitating it can be. I hope you get some answers on Monday.

    • Dec 16 2012

      Thanks! By 10am Monday I should know something. I have my fingers crossed!

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